Cyber Threats Leads to Bigger Risks Than You Guessed

Security Experts are finding it tough to battle out malware risks and vulnerabilities associated with cyber crime. Since hackers are not letting any stone unturned to target by and large number of systems globally. The infamous large scale spam distribution campaign forced users to run helter skelter as millions of users have ended up as victims of cyber crime in some way or the other. To some extent users are also responsible as they have never guessed that cyber threats can bring and lead to such a bigger risks bringing their credentials and other sensitive data at stake.

W97M.Downloader.I : A Term Described As a Trojan Infection

W97M.Downloader.I is actually another variant of W97M.Downloader which has been discovered by the team of malware researchers on the December 15th, 2004. The creator of such a malware updated it on February 16th, 2016 at 4:48:53 PM and attacks wide range of Windows PC globally. According to the researchers, it builds off the tactic to hide itself in the MS Office XML documents containing compressed MSA Active Mime objects. This variant of Trojan adds two new layers of the trickery to target the Windows Computer. First one is the suspicious XML document which spread as .DOC or .RTF files and the second one is the malware payloads that usually embedded in a form of Dridex banking trojan. 


Once targeted, it mess up the System settings and corrupt your PC. It allows the unknown individuals to intrudes inside your Computer and perform series of malevolent activities. As per the security experts analysis, it has the ability to implant several malicious codes and dubious files into the crucial System areas such as start-up items, registry editor, Windows task manager and much more. As a result your System functions gets destroyed. To hide itself into the Windows PC deeply, it replaces some of your crucial files with its own one. What's worrisome, it collects victim's almost all crucial and sensitive information and forwarded them to hackers for evil intentions.


[Source - Symantec]


TABS 2 GRID : Another Scam Extension of Google Chrome

TABS 2 GRID is a potentially unwanted program promoted on Although, it appears as a helpful program that claims user to arrange their tabs into the layouts on the separate Windows in just a single click. An attractive slogan has been used by it's developers on it's homepage to attract innocent user. This program promises to organize the tabs into the beautiful layout in get the maximum efficiency. Such a dubious program is installed into the Google Chrome browser using policies of the Windows group. Due to the presence of such an unwanted program, you may see a message on your Windows screen which states that “Installed by the enterprise policy” or “Installed by your administrator”. The ID of this program extension is “nmkenpelbkmeamekejjokaldhmmdkkkk”.


[To Know More About TABS 2 GRID, Visit - ]


Despite of it's all claims and promises, security analysts are strictly warned victim that they should not trust on it. Because being a part of an adware program, it does not going to deliver you any useful features rater than annoying ads in numerous forms such as banner ads, deals, comparison prices, discounts, promo codes, video ads, in-text ads and much more that labeled in a rectangle box under various name such as “Ads by TABS 2 GRID”, “Brought to you by TABS 2 GRID”, “Powered by TABS 2 GRID”, “Advertisement by TABS 2 GRID” and much more. All advertisements are usually based on the pay-per-click platform so that hackers can easily gain online revenues from victims. Therefore, security experts are strictly warned victim that they should avoid to click any suspicious ads or malicious third-party links.


Drive.bat vírus – A Newly Detected Trojan Threat

Drive.bat vírus is a hazardous Trojan infection which the system security researchers have reported widely propagating among Windows PC users nowadays. It very similar to several other precarious infections of the identical category, disseminates itself silently in the targeted PC without the user's consent. It once loaded successfully, poses a great deal of system troubles. Infection commonly initiates the implementation of several vicious practices via firstly gaining complete control over entire system and then establishing it's connection with the remote server for downloading and installing numerous hazardous malware programs in it. This usually results in the generation of lots of pop up ads and fake system alerts onto the victimized device's screen. These ads evolves frustration on huge extent and ultimately makes it highly hectic for the users to surf web effortlessly on PC.


Drive.bat vírus furthermore, downgrades the PC's working speed on huge extent by penetrating numerous junk files in it's hard drive. It additionally endangered the user's privacy as well as personal property via gathering all their financial information and then revealing it to the remote hacker who further utilizes it in several marketing purposes. Hence, because of all such unpleasant traits, obviously claiming 'Drive.bat vírus' a severe threat for the PC, deserving an instant eradication from it would not be wrong.

Safety Measures To Forbid PC From Being Compromised By Malwares

  • Execute a deep scanning of the pen drive or any external drive initially with antimalware program existing in the system. Only then open it.
  • Do not make usage of double click for opening pen drive on the PC. Make right click on drive letter and then choose explore option for opening USB drive. This way, one can avoid shortcut virus infection in the PC.
  • Always keep the antimalware database up-to-date.
  • Do not intrude personal USB flash drive to public PC.
  • Pause auto play of external drive : Regarding this open group-policy editor and then navigate to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > AutoPlay Policies for configuring auto-play off.